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Your professional roofing partner.

Commercial Roofing Products & Services

Citadel Roofing & Solar uses top-of-the-line roofing products—including metal, slate, TPO, PVC, tile and composition shingles—from high-quality manufacturers.

We provide everything required for your project including materials, labor and building permits, and we’re at your service afterward should your roof require any maintenance or repairs.

You can reach our roofing Call Center 24/7 should your roof need an emergency repair.

Your Professional Partner

You run a professional operation and expect no less from your vendors and contractors.
Citadel operates according to the same philosophy:

  • Our work is meticulous because we want you to be as proud of your new roof as we are.
  • We constantly provide crew safety training and inspections so our people know how to protect themselves as well as your property.
  • We do everything in our power to minimize disruption to your business operations during our installation.

In short, we’re not a company that hires a bunch of part-timers to nail shingles on roofs. We are a qualified and professional roofing contractor with licensed, trained teams who take great pride in our work. Contact us today for your commercial roof assessment.

Roof+Solar Package

A new commercial roof lasts 20+ years. Solar panels are warrantied for 25 years and are expected to last must longer. If you’ve been considering installing a solar energy system and you need a new roof, make your life easier by doing both at once.

The solar savings will help pay for the roof, and you’ll only have one company to work with for answers to your questions, project scheduling and warranties.

Paying for A New Roof

Some business owners pay cash for their roofing projects, but others turn to bank financing rather than lay out all the capital upfront. The professionals at Citadel can advise regarding your financing options.

More Resources

If you need a new roof to protect your business assets, contact Citadel today for a free consultation.

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