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“Clean up” your business and free up valuable resources with solar.

Benefits of Solar for Business

A solar energy system from Citadel Roofing & Solar can help you live life your way. When you join the millions of " homeowners already saving big with solar, you benefit in four important ways:

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  1. Lower taxes, due to a federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that pays for 30 percent of your system cost, and federal bonus depreciation; these two benefits can reduce your system cost by 50 percent or more
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  1. Lower electric bills because you replace some expensive utility electricity with your own, more cost-effective electricity, and your solar energy is immune to future utility rate hikes 
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  1. The competitive advantage and employee morale boost that comes with the use of green, clean solar energy

Commercial Solar Products & Services

Citadel has installed thousands of solar energy systems throughout the state, including in the Sacramento region, the Bay Area, the Central Coast and Central Valley, and throughout Southern California. Our turnkey service covers everything from the day you sign the proposal to the day you turn on your solar and beyond.

Our commercial solar energy products include:

  • Rooftop systems
  • Ground-mounted systems
  • Carports/shade structures

We install solar on most commercial roof types including:

  • Metal

  • TPO

  • PVC

  • Built-Up

  • Concrete and Clay

  • Composition Shingles

We install solar energy systems (and roofs) on existing facilities and on new commercial buildings during the construction process.

Solar+Storage Package

The Solar+Storage package from Citadel takes your solar benefits to a new level: You can power some of your operations during utility outages by drawing from your stored solar electricity. And you can draw from your system when utility prices are most expensive, or you want to lower your peak demand.

Visit our Storage page for information on how energy storage systems (also called “battery backup systems”) can provide you with backup power and additional electric bill savings.

Roof+Solar Package

Some things are just better together, like solar and roofing. Investing in both at the same time aligns the long lifecycles of the products. You won’t need to remove the solar panels to replace the roof anytime soon. And your solar savings could fully offset the cost of your new roof.

Citadel’s Roof+Solar package also makes your facilities manager’s life easier by bundling two projects into one for streamlined coordination and scheduling.

How to Finance Commercial Solar

Many businesses purchase their systems outright for the greatest financial return.

For others, Citadel has relationships with best-in-class financing institutions offering bank loans, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in which a third party owns the solar but you still receive significant electricity savings, and special financing products designed for nonprofits.

Whichever method you choose, the clean solar electricity from your system should be cheaper than the utility’s fossil-fueled electricity.

Read more about the payment options in our Learn section

Solar Incentives for Businesses

Commercial solar energy systems pay for themselves over time. Federal and state government incentive programs speed up that process.

  1. The federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) pays for 26 percent of the cost of your solar project in the form of a tax credit. The ITC decreases over time, so keep that in mind if you haven’t gone solar yet.
  2. Bonus depreciation reduces the business taxes you pay by accelerating the rate at which you depreciate the system on your tax returns.
  3. California’s investor-owned utilities are required to offer net metering programs that credit solar owners with the value of solar energy they produce but don’t use, so your system pays for itself faster.
Whichever method you choose, the clean solar electricity from your roof should be cheaper than the utility’s fossil-fueled electricity. Read more about the three payment options in our Learn section.

More Resources

Contact Citadel today to see what solar energy can save your business. We’ll create a proposal tailored for your company’s energy and financial goals.

Prefer to do more research first? Here are some helpful pages you can visit.

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