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Residential New Roof Installation in California

A good roof is integral to living a safe, comfortable, and happy life. Ensuring that your roof was built to last will save you money and headaches down the line by avoiding time consuming and expensive repairs and ensuring your home stays sheltered from the outside environment. Protect your house and your wallet by investing the professionals. 

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Benefits of Installing a New Roof

Installing a new roof provides a variety of benefits, including:


The financial incentive behind investing in a new roof is threefold. A new roof means a safer and more valuable home, making the price tag of your property go up when it comes time to sell. A safer home also means less damage. New roofs are more structurally sound, leaving less room for potential damages and issues. Lastly, new roofs offer better insulation and energy containment, making your energy savings even greater.

Curb Appeal

Old, ragged roofs may have character, but they don’t sell a house nearly as well as a new one. Homes with new roofs have better curb appeal, making them more attractive to potential buyers. Research shows that good curb appeal gives an insight to the type of maintenance the home has had. Better curb appeal, more maintenance, higher selling point. 


Aside from being safer and more aesthetic, new roofs can prepare you for the future of your home. Some older roofs are not equipped to handle any hardware, like that needed for solar paneling. Swapping your roof with a well-made replacement can offer you the opportunity to step into the world of residential renewable energy.  

Safety & Security

It’s easy to forget, but the primary purpose of your roof is to protect you and your family from the elements! Overtime roofs can wear down and degrade. Install a new roof to protect your family from inclement weather, debris, and wildlife. Contact an expert at Citadel today for a free quote!

Paying for a New Roof

Investing in a new roof is integral in saving yourself money down the line. Not only are you avoiding major issues and damage that could cost you thousands in repairs, but ensuring your roof is in its best condition keeps your energy bills down and increases the value of your property. A new roof can even be included in a tax incentive when considering restructuring to install solar panels. While roofing can be expensive, most banks offer loans to cover home maintenance and construction. 

What to expect when installing a new roof

Replacing your roof isn’t as daunting as it seems, especially when you leave the hard work up to the professionals.

  1. The old roof first needs to be removed.
  2. Once removed, the structure is examined and any necessary repairs or reinforcements are made.
  3. To assemble the roof, the first layer, called the underlayment goes on. The underlayment acts as a barrier between the inside of your home and roof materials.
  4. Then come the drip edges, which essentially act as gutters to guide any water off your roof.
  5. Add the starter shingles which construct the base for the main layer of shingles. Ensuring that your shingles are placed and secured by an experienced roofer, especially along the sides that touch walls,  is key in extending the life of your roof.
  6. If your previous home had any vents, those should be added in the new one as well.
  7. Lastly, final checks and any clean up work is done. 

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Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

Have questions about your new roof? Here’s some common questions you might have. Have more? Contact the solar experts at Citadel today!

Yes. For safety and regulation purposes, the state of California does require you to have a permit in order to install a new roof.

The average time for a roofing permit to be processed is between four and six weeks.

Roofs need to be replaced for a variety of reasons including normal wear and tear, emergency damage, retrofitting for solar panel installation, and increased curb appeal for home sales. 

Other Services Available Near You


Solar energy is the way of the future. Ensure your home’s roof is equipped to handle a residential solar panel system.

Battery Storage

Solar energy battery systems are integrated with your system to help you gain energy independence. 

Solar & Battery Maintenance

Keep your system running in tip top shape! Work with the experts to on any of your system needs. 

Main Panel Upgrades

Expand your home’s electrical capabilities, or look into new smart panel systems. Upgrade your main panel today.

How to Pay for Solar

Government incentives designed to encourage adoption of renewable energy systems substantially reduce the cost of going solar. The remainder of your project’s cost can be paid for with cash, a bank loan or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Whichever method you choose, the clean solar electricity from your roof should be cheaper than the utility’s fossil-fueled electricity.

Read more about solar financing in our Learn section.

Solar Incentives

Residential solar energy systems pay for themselves over time, mainly through electric bill savings. Two programs speed up that process:

  1. Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) pays for 30 percent of the cost of your solar project in the form of a tax credit
  2. Net metering credits you with the value of solar energy you produce but don’t use, so your system pays for itself faster.

Read more detailed explanations of both incentive programs in our Learn section.

Reroofing Across California

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